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J Frederick "Fred" Baker

Provider and Consultant


Calendar Door Hanger (4"x11")


Item number: QGWXG-GSFRK

Pricing Includes: Full Bleed - No Setup Charge - High Gloss UV Coating on Front - Size: 4" x 11" ...

$0.29 - $0.40

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AdCard Magnetic Business Card Calendar


Item number: ABZVE-LXYGK

This product is an AdCard with an attached magnet that is personalized by applying your business ...

$0.33 - $0.46

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Magnetic Business Card Sports Schedule / Baseball Chicago Dual


Item number: TBXVI-IVDJM

This product is a full schedule of games for this team with an attached magnet that is personaliz...

$0.29 - $0.48

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Classic Monthly Planner Insert w/ 4 Color Map


Item number: SEABJ-ILWPN

Insert available for all pocket planners. Windmill? Line.  3.4375" W x 6" H


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4" x 4" Magnet


Item number: EIBBG-LJIHG

4" x 4" magnet with 15 mil magnetic backing.  4" L x 4" W

$0.53 - $0.63

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House Peel-N-Stick Multi-Use Calendar


Item number: IBCCC-GIHPQ

Peel-n-Stick adhesive calendar with house shape imprint. A calendar is the single most useful pro...

$0.46 - $0.70

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Truck Peel-N-Stick Multi-Use Calendar


Item number: NIFTH-GIMQF

Peel-n-Stick adhesive calendar with delivery truck outline. A calendar is the single most useful ...

$0.46 - $0.70

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Peel & Stick Calendar Magnets w/ Tear Away Calendar


Item number: HEBVJ-EXSJZ

Peel & Stick Calendar Magnets With Tear Away Calendar. Imprints are protected with a plastic coat...

$0.376 - $0.725

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Thank You Standard Pad Value Stick Calendar


Item number: THXYE-GKFFS

Popular Value Stick Self Adhesive Calendars are lightweight and usually mail with no additional p...

$0.65 - $0.96

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At-A-Glance School Calendar Magnet, Square Corners (3 1/2" x 5 5/8")


Item number: NBXVJ-GJKOP

Magnets are digitally printed and intended tor indoor use. All colors will be created from 4-colo...

$0.295 - $1.39

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Galleria Wall Calendar Memorable Images of Norman Rockwell (Low Price)


Item number: XFFWA-HUFIU

This Galleria Calendar Collection features 13 different images, an information bar that includes ...

$1.08 - $1.40

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Galleria Wall Calendar of Exotic Cars (English) (Low Price)


Item number: KFFXH-HUFIR

This Galleria Calendar Collection features 13 different images, an information bar that includes ...

$1.08 - $1.40

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Galleria Wall Calendar - Go Green (Low Price)


Item number: AEZCA-JKXIA

This Galleria Calendar Collection features 13 different images, an information bar that includes ...

$1.08 - $1.40

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Galleria Wall Calendar of Dogs (Low Price)


Item number: EIXWA-JKREU

This Galleria Calendar Collection features 13 different images, an information bar that includes ...

$1.08 - $1.40

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Full Color Magnet (3.5"x5") Rectangle


Item number: RDZZD-CXKOJ

Highly durable and inexpensive, our Magnets are constructed of gloss white magnetic material, ava...

$0.73 - $1.65

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Good Value™ Antique Autos Calendar (Stapled)


Item number: ZHZAC-LZHRM

This calendar features classic, elegant autos from an era when style reigned supreme. This is a 1...

$1.28 - $1.72

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Good Value™ The Saturday Evening Post Calendar (Stapled)


Item number: SHYWC-LZHPE

Nostalgic illustrations create lasting memories in this calendar. This is a 13-Month calendar wit...

$1.28 - $1.72

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Stock Pad Selection Calendar with Large Numbers


Item number: ACFWD-ERPEX

All pads are 12 months, January through December, and glued on the top edge. Orders accepted in m...


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Good Value™ Landscapes of America Calendar (Window)


Item number: UHYZE-LZHOC

This calendar features beautiful landscapes from across America. It is a 13-month calendar with D...

$1.38 - $1.81

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Weekly Planner w/ Executive Vinyl Cover & Flat Matching Pen (No Map)


Item number: UHECJ-GLJUN

This Executive weekly planner has a flat black gold tip pen and features a Week at a Glance forma...

$1.80 - $2.08

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Custom Wave Table Tent


Item number: FIEAH-IEVTZ

Custom WAVE 3-D Table Tents are completely customized on both sides with a low 50 piece minimum a...

$1.22 - $3.07

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TuffMag Outdoor Safe Magnet w/ Round Corners (6.5"x6.5")


Item number: CGBUF-IOBBL

Keep your message in front of your clients inside and outside. Personalized with your services an...

$1.18 - $2.10

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Ad-A-Month Mini 13 Month Calendar Pad


Item number: PIZCD-IVHZR

Our popular small calendar pad, now customizable for your project. Full color printing on front o...

$0.55 - $2.11

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Memo Board - 5.5" x 8.5" Custom Printed Calendar Memo Board w/ Magnets or Tape on Back


Item number: TDYYG-EXTJQ

Our memo boards are printed on 10 point coated board stock and protected with double sided lamina...

$1.035 - $2.128

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Calendar Doodle Desktop Pad (No Grommet or Greeting Page) - Stock Colors


Item number: FFXZH-HPAZP

Has the same great construction however this item does not include the metal eyelet or the season...

$1.85 - $2.18

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30 Mil Laminated Round Corner Magnet (4"x5.25")


Item number: UDEAF-IPYFX

Rectangle Magnets keep your message in front of your clients. Personalized with your services and...

$0.42 - $2.18

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Weekly Zip Back Planner w/ Pen & Zip Lock Pocket / 1 Color Insert w/o Map - Solid Color


Item number: QIAWJ-KJDTD

This Planner with Pocket has zip-lock pocket on the back to hold your essentials and a Clear Fros...

$1.85 - $2.20

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Upright Desk Calendar


Item number: KIATI-FEWRA

Month-at-a-glance format with a 14 month insert and 16 month calendar page. Clear vinyl securing ...

$1.72 - $2.27

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Desk Blotter / Planner - 17"x22"


Item number: OZAUJ-MPRYV

Standard size desk pad provides for easy planning. Corner protectors keep sheets in place Full mo...


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Americana Coloring Calendar


Item number: HBCCE-MZGQU

These calendars feature 12 full size month pages, are printed on 100% post consumer recycled pape...

$1.99 - $3.49

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Mexican Utility Calendar w/ Stock American Barn Picture


Item number: KFDZE-JMABM

The Mexican calendar pad shows major American & Mexican holidays. Pads show moon phase informatio...

$2.33 - $3.55

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Mini Custom Photo 13 Month High Gloss Appointment Wall Calendar


Item number: CGFWG-IQXPE

Create your own custom calendar with a personalized cover and custom images for each month. Perso...

$1.06 - $3.57

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12 Month Mini Custom Photo Appointment Wall Calendar


Item number: QGWYA-JZOPC

Monthly affirmation of Character Goals in brilliant full color! January through December, give yo...

$1.06 - $3.57

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19"x25" Year At A Glance Wall Calendar


Item number: HIXXB-BZFPF

This commercial wall calendar is printed on a single sheet. Twelve-month planner featuring large,...

$1.93 - $3.59

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BC-645 Business Card Mem-O-Rite Desk Calendar (Black/White)


Item number: ZDEXI-IRQRA

Large header showcases your square gold foil imprint next to slide-in frame for your rep's busine...

$2.30 - $3.61

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Almanac Calendar (Full Size / Seven Sheet) - Industry's Best Price


Item number: IFFVD-MXIXH

This almanac calendar consists of 7 sheets, printed front and back. The wall calendars contains t...

$1.59 - $3.67

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Triumph® Daily Catholic Guide Calendar


Item number: LIEXC-LZGZK

This religious calendar has wide appeal by combining inspiring art and Catholic information on th...

$2.85 - $3.69

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Yearly Calendar (19"x26.5")


Item number: LBDCD-JZWYX

Standard Features. These NEW Yearlies are available in the colors available. You can choose any 2...

$2.50 - $3.99

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Gone Fishing 13 Month Custom Appointment Wall Calendar (8.5"x11")


Item number: VGEUD-IQXLZ

Create your own custom calendar with a personalized cover and custom images for each month. Perso...

$1.51 - $4.74

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Large Utility Calendar w/ Stock Lake at Dawn Picture


Item number: GDEZE-FOWAS

Large Utility Calendar w/Stock Lake at Dawn Picture - Special features: Our largest utility offer...

$2.6471 - $4.7689

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Triumph® The Saturday Evening Post w/ Illustrations by Norman Rockwell Pocket Calendar


Item number: CIEWI-LZHAA

The Saturday Evening Post Illustrations by Norman Rockwell - Handi Pocket calendar stands out, th...

$3.53 - $4.80

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Total Custom Calendar w/ Four Date Pads (14"x20")


Item number: BGXCG-IJMAC

Create your own calendar, from museums, historical society, animals, business motivation, school ...

$3.06 - $4.83

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Foil Stamped Weekly Calendars w/Sunday Start (7"x13")


Item number: IBWYI-HCENW

Heavyweight chipboard printed one color foil stamped imprint. Durable single rod design to preven...

$4.37 - $4.87

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Deluxe Madison Avenue Thermometer & Desk Calendar


Item number: AEEYB-BWQON

Redesigned with a fresh new look! Desk Calendar with Thermometer - 3 Month at a glance calendar p...

$4.72 - $4.90

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